Lexember, day 19 – eelee

Author: Scott Hamilton  /  Category: Conlanging, Tezhmese language

eelee /ˈi.li/ – noun –

  1. a star (celestial object)
  2. a goal, an aspiration
  3. a passion
  4. a romantic partner (usually in a polyamorous context)

In general, celestial objects have rich use in metaphor. eelee is commonly used in aspirational metaphors, referring to hopes, goals, and aspirations. It also gets used for personal passions, from the avid fandom to heartfelt feelings and passions.

The sky is also a common metaphor for romantic relationships. Tezhmese metaphor makes a difference between monogamy and polyamory – monogamous relationships use daytime metaphors and polyamorous ones use the night sky. Thus, an eelee thus someone who one has a polyamorous romantic relationship: a lover, partner, spouse, etc. For a monogamous relationship. the word for sun (rex) is used instead.

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