BenJamin (Jamin) Johnson and the Brooding Language

Author: Scott Hamilton  /  Category: Conlanging

The Riddlesbrood Touring Theatre Troupe​ has a blog post up about language developer BenJamin Johnson and his work on the Brooding language, which will be featured in their upcoming show “Harken – A Game of Phones”.

Not only do I like seeing more conlangs out there and more conlangers getting recognition, this particular project is special for me. I created the original Brooding langauge for Riddlesbrood, but never had time to expand it (due to my work on the Unwritten RPG​). Jamin has done a stunning job of taking my original ideas and expanding on them in new and interesting ways!

If you are in the NJ area, you should check out the Riddlesbrood show. Mr. Riddlesbrood and his cohorts put on some incredibly imaginative shows. Check out the linked blog post above for places and times.